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The 2004 Edition 
The Central & Eastern European
CAT Insurance Forum
October 1st-5th, 2004, Antalya, TURKEY

The Annual CEE CAT Insurance Forum is the main regional event that focuses on catastrophic risks: earthquakes, floods, storms, landslides etc., as all the major players in the CEE will attend the event: insurance and reinsurance companies, international brokers and other related companies.

This event brings together the CEE countries to create a pleasant platform to transfer know-how between uniquely qualified participants in the magical setting of Antalya, the center of Turkish Riviera.

Why is necessary an International Forum on Catastrophic Risks? 
  • The increased frequency, on global level, of the natural catastrophic phenomenon and the bigger preoccupation for the identification of some insurance solutions to face the major financial losses that interfere in these kind of situations

  • The high level of exposure of the countries in CEE to natural disasters: floods, storms, drought, and, especially, the major risk of an earthquake in the near future, complete the list of arguments - within the last century more than 61 million persons were affected and more than USD 86 billion damages were registrated in the CEE countries as a direct consequence of natural disasters
Catastophic Risks in Turkey ? 

Through her geographical location and experience, Turkey is considered a regional leader in:

  • Catastrophic risk Mitigation
  • Natural Disaster Emergency response
  • Building code and regulations

The Turkish model addresses similar issues pending in other CEE countries:

  • The high level of exposure to all kind of natural disasters
  • The concentration of the residential areas and of the industrial platform in the areas seismically active
  • The quality in constructions
  • The degree of penetration of the insurances on catastrophic risks.